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Lesson 1: Invest don't speculate!

If your natural instinct is to leave those hard-earned profits in a low-interest bank account or bet it all on a wild 'deal-of-a-lifetime', stop. Your instinct is not serving you well. Investing for Entrepreneurs is a short educational series based on the work of Benjamin Graham. It’s value investing to be sure but synthesised into twenty bite-sized tasters to satisfy the hungriest entrepreneur. The end result of applying what you learn here, we trust, will be genuine financial security.


Lesson 1
Invest don't speculate

Investing is thorough analysis promising a safety of principal and an adequate return. It involves risk, which is managed.

Speculating, a euphemism for gambling, is not investing. It is an emotional, herd activity. Day trading is a form of speculation. ‘Momentum investing’ is a form of speculation. Retail subscribing to ‘hot’ initial public offerings is a form of speculation. The purchase of any security without careful analysis of the security’s underlying assets, liabilities and likely future cash flows is a form of speculation.